Tupan – the ICO of the first DeFi token backed by NFTs

Do you know who can save the Amazonia and the future of humanity?

  • 1,000 - 50,000 Tupans

    3% Bouns

  • 50,000 Tupans and above

    6% Bouns



Worth of Tupan tokens

9.764 BTC

BTC Raised

  • 1m
  • 22.14m
Softcap in 103 days Tupan Hardcap

How to Get Started

Join the unique opportunity to access the Brazilian Amazonia, the largest biome in the world!

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Tupan – The Forestry DeFi

Tupan was born as a solution to the greatest fears of society. The fear that we are damaging our own house, quality of life and home of future generations, now must be fought.


Each Tupan is equivalent to One Cubic Meter of Native Preserved Amazonia Forest. Tupan is a DeFi backed by NFTs.


Tupan ICO Distribution

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Total Supply
Token Pre-Sale 17-03-20211,000,000 Tupan
0.7 $
Round 1 10-05-202122,140,000 Tupan
0.9 $
Round 2 10-09-202122,140,000 Tupan
0.95 $
Round 3 10-12-202122,140,000 Tupan
1.05 $
Round 4 10-02-202222,140,000 Tupan
1.10 $
Round 5 10-03-202222,140,000 Tupan
1.20 $

Tupan ICO Roadmap

Our founders have their backgrounds in the corporate and financial universe. Over time, they understood that it would not be enough to follow the traditional logic of the market to solve the problems of our century. That was how Tupan was born. Necessary as oxygen.

Tupan Development Starts

April 2019 to June 2020

Concepting and Planning, Legal Regulations, Financial, Marketing Strategy. Approval of Token, Registration - US SEC, Relation with Financial Institutions

Groundwork Preparation for ICO

June 2020 to May 2021

Pre-sale, First batch (www.tupan.io), Choice of Exchange Provider, Networks and Social Media, Publishing of Whitepaper

Tupan Blockchain First Release

May 2021 to September 2021

Start of TUPAN ICO, New Exchanges Introduction, End of TUPAN ICO

Tupan Operational & Cards Phase

September 2021 to December 2022

Release of MasterCard usage for Tupan tokens, Monitoring Regenerative Development, Incentivate Products Development & Selling

Enjoy Digital Revolution with Blockchain

Tupan Token is developed on the Waves Blockchain algorithm, so that the user has facility, speed (5s / transaction), security and scalability of transactions on Waves platform.

Preserve the Amazonia and save the Planet

Put your speech into practice and, moreover, earn money by trading or using Tupan DeFi

Good to World, Good to Wallet

  • (1) Tradable DeFi token with safety of being an NFT`s part as capital ballast;
  • (2) makes profits with the constantly Tupan's value raising;
  • (3) have a DeFi tokens with usability (with MasterCard (R) (in some countries) after the ICO;

Secure Wallet

Access Tupan Wallet to buy

Instant Exchange

Tupan In the best exchanges

Crypto Trading

Total 3.69 Billion Forestry DeFi tokens

Crypto Investment

Value today: US$ 3.12

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Meetup awesome team

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Oderli Feriani

Founder - C.E.O.

Paulo de Vasconcellos Filho

Governance and Strategy Specialist

Gabriela de Paula Feriani

Strategic Board Member

Paulo Soares

C.I.O. - Blockchain Specialist

Jose Alves

Business Managment Specialist

Augusto Carneiro

Strategic Board Member

Tim Chen

Strategic Board Member

Luciano Pantuso

Strategic Board Member

Mario Augusto Coimbra

Jungle Specialist

Sebastian Eduardo Santos

Crypto Investment Specialist

Luis Pissinatti

Private Investment Specialist

Fernando Avance

Private Investment Specialist

Douglas Giacomini Brito

Legal Specialist